I am still in Nice, in a cafe that serves organic healthy, local food, in my brother’s neighbourhood, drinking a kombucha with carrot juice, my chair just under the air conditionned, yes, it’s that hot.
I was missing Nice and its very hot summer, I can tell that I am pleased now, I am having a big dose of sweat.

I am off for a few days I moved again as I am still in a gipsy mood (in fact, not really in the mood anymore but it is what it is) and cooked, and celebrated my sister’s birthday without my sister but with her friends at least and, as it’s Tuesday, write my blog.

I made this recipe for one of my client last week and it was so tasty, so easy and quick to make that I thought of you, my people, and wanted to share that with you 🙂

Actually, my fishmonger gave me this recipe as on the top of being a great fishmonger, he can cook too. Talking about my evening menu and my client who is allergic to prawns, we talked about red mullet and then the cod as a main.

It was delicious. Such a great idea.


Ingredients, serves 2 people

-2 pieces of cod (around 200g each)
-4 or 5 slices of bacon
-Half an onion
-1 orange

Wrap your cod in bacon, chop your onion finely. Squeeze your orange.

In a tray, place the onion first, then the cod on the top and cover with the orange juice.

Put in the oven for around 20min (till the bacon is crispy) at 180°C / 350°F. While cooking, if you can, hydrate your fish with the orange juice.

Et c’est tout ! Writing this post, I realize how fast it is to make for such a nice result. Merci my fishmonger !


Quentin Le Poissonnier, 34 rue Bonaparte, 06300 Nice.

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