It was one of those mornings, in San Francisco, I wanted to go to Berkeley to try a latte with camel milk (yes, camel :))

With my friend who really fancied a coffee, we ended up at Melo Melo where they were not doing coffee at all but more Kava juice.
My bad, I read a blog in diagonal, it talked about 2 different places, a cafe with the camel milk and another one with the kava and I thought it was the same place.
I should have read better and on the other hand I like it as I love surprises, going for a coffee and ending with kava juice, my friend was less happy though 🙂

So what’s kava ?

It’s a crop from the south pacific, Polynesia, Micronesia, the roots are used to make a drink in Hawaï for more than 3000 years.

Used in the right, moderate and traditionnal way and in its purest form has beneficial effects : sedative, anesthetic, euphoriant.

As it was 11am I didn’t want to order a cocktail so I had the kava juice, pure, straight. The taste ? Not great I have to say. It makes your tongue tingle and leaves a bitter taste in the throat. I guess in a cocktail would be best.
I was watching a lady who came with her newspaper to drink her kava juice, pure, as she does almost every morning, same way we do with espresso.

But, but… for those who are less adventurous, they also have teas (kombucha, yerba mate) and infusion with turmeric….

The team is made of 3 : a Colombian, Palestinian and a Canadian who used to drink their Kava in South Florida and decided to bring it in the bay area.

The venue is very cool, peaceful… Again I saw the morning atmosphere but I heard that at night when the flavours are ‘Orange kava extract with coconut milk and cinnamon’, the night can be long in Berkeley.

Melo Melo Kava bar, 1701 University avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94703, USA
(510) 900-9316



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