So I recently learnt something new…. I am a flexitarian !

Yeah !!!!!

I didn’t know what it was…..

Flexitarism starts in the 90′ in the US and I’d never heard about it !!!! I am not saying that I know everything, at all, but since the 1990 !!! And it’s the first time I hear about it !!! Crazy !!!

So, yes, I am a flexitarian and happy to be 🙂 Now that I know 🙂

So flexitarian is someone who is vegetarian but who, occasionnally, eats meat and fish.

It’s so me 🙂

Even though I eat tons of vegetables, everyday, I still, get tired very often….
I saw a naturopath who, after listening to me, talking about my lifestyle and my diet told me that I don’t get enough proteins….Even though I don’t eat a lot of animal proteïns, I should compensate with vegetable proteins which I always do with quinoa, lentils…. but not enough….
I really find tofu boring but I’ll try to make some more, in curry, or soup or whatever…. Tofu is a big source of proteins as long as it’s organic. So organic tofu it will be 🙂 Watch out my people, you’ll might get tofu recipes soon 🙂

For pasta and rice, it’s the same, I love pasta and rice but for some reason I rarely eat any….
And when I get very tired, I cook pasta and after 2 or 3 meals of spaghetti I really feel better.

It’s crazy the impact food we eat can have on our body.
I worked for a family as a private chef and the daughter is diabetic. She’s young and has to check her sugar level, always. If she’s low she takes a quarter of a glass of orange juice and a few minutes later (yes, just a few minutes) her sugar level gets higher. It’s fascinating how such a small amount can make the difference.

The apointment I had with this naturopath was a light bulb moment, really. I thought I had a very good diet and she said that I do, but my age, my lifestyle and my little figure, makes my body tired quicker if I don’t have the right amount of proteins, omega 3…..

For now, I made those pasta with Brussel sprouts, pancetta….. and I already feel better 🙂

Ingredients, serves 2

-200g of penne pasta
-50g of Brussel sprouts
-100g of pancetta
-1 handful of breadcrumbs
– A few leaves of baby kale
-50g of parmsean cheese
-Olive oil
-Squeeze of lemon
-Salt and pepper

Bring two pans to the boil with salted water, meanwhile take off the first leaves of the Brussel sprouts and make a cross with a small knife on the hard part to release the bitter taste that sprouts can have.

When the water is boiling, plunge the pasta in one pan and the sprouts in the other. When both are ‘al dente’ (not too soft) drain and cook the sprouts  in a frying pan with a bit of olive oil, add the pancetta, then the bread crumbs, and fry for 5 min.
Add the pasta to the sprouts, finish with parmesan cheese and a splash of olive oil, squeeze of lemon and the baby kale leaves to serve.

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