As I am very busy cooking for my cllients in the south of France, It’s gonna be a 5 min post.
5 min is the time it’s going to take you to cook this wonderful dessert.
Life is so simple.

It’s somehting I make on regular basis, for my clients, family, friends and for myself.

Only one rule, choose a good quality pineapple, a small one, with very yellow skin, the ‘Victoria’ are great.

3 things are needed, a pineapple, butter and granulated sugar.That’s all.

I told you, life is so simple 🙂

Peel your pineapple,.slice it very finely, put it in a pan on high heat with a bit of butter. The sweet juice released and the butter will make caramel and so cook, roast and caramelize your pineapple. Sometimes the pineapple is so sweet that no sugar is needed…. As the pineapple has to be soft and brown, add a bit of water in your pan till it dissolves, if it’s still hard add more water, little by llittle.

I usually finish with a touch of butter for the taste and to have an absolute, beautifully tanned pineapple.

For those who are like me and love exoticism, I would add on the top of your pineapple a bit if Cayenne pepper to balance with the sweet, buttery taste. Served with vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream, it’s just divine.

Enjoy my people ! 🙂


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