The only time it takes is to wash and cut the tomatoes/strawberries, that’ all.

The rest is just assembling and enjoying.

I’ve always made that kind of salad, mixing the vegetables and fruits and now that we are in strawberry season, it’s divine !!

Ingredients, serves 2

-Around 15 cherry tomatoes
-Around 15 strawberries
-1 beetroot
-A few raw green peas
-Olive oil
-A few leaves of basil

Wash the tomatoes and strawberries, cut them and mix with the beetroot cut in cubes and peas and last minute the olive oil and basil.

You can also add salt and pepper to it.

The mix of the sweetness of the strawberries and beetroot with the tomatoes is amazing !


You can also check this recipe on our youtube channel 🙂


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