A fish cake is like a croquette, and everybody knows how much I love croquettes… Croquette… Just the name is pretty…

Those are Thai.

I worked last year for the Mipcom in Cannes and I met a chef there who was making some fabulous fish cakes, I worked with her and forgot to ask about the exact recipe of her fish cakes.

She was putting some salmon in it, as salmon is not my favourite fish and I prefer white fish I put some cod.

Ingredients, serves 2

-300g of cod or similar white fish or salmon
-5cm of fresh ginger
-1 small red chilli pepper deseeded
-3 spring onions
-3 cloves of garlic
-Vegetable oil
-Zest of 1 lime
-3 tbsp of fish sauce
-1 tsp of sugar
-1 egg

Put the ginger, garlic, spring onion, chilli in a blender with the vegetable oil. Once done, chop the cod roughly and add it to the blender with lime zest, mix.

Put your paste in a bowl and throw handfull of your mix against the bowl for 2-3 minutes to make your paste airy and your fish cakes thicker.

Form some patties, it’s soft, it’s normal, it’s a bit difficult to form, it’s normal.

Pour some breadcrumbs on a plate and roll each fish cake in it before plunging them in a very hot pan with very hot vegetable oil. Fry on each side and enjoy with some lime juice ūüôā

You can also check this recipe on our youtube channel :

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