I’ve never thought I would give you this recipe….. Why ?

Just because I wanted to keep it for myself 🙂 As simple as that  🙂

It’s something I make for years to my friends, my clients… And it’s something that  my parents made since I am little.

My parents had a friend who was Vietnamese and my dad used to help him in his Vietnamese restaurant where he learnt how to make this fabulous salad.

This is so simple and fresh that your friends and family will ask for more I can guarantee it !!!

Just chicken breast, cabbage, onion and peanuts or cashew nuts and the seasoning that’s all. Oui ! Oui ! that’s all !!!


Ingredients, serves 2 as a main course

-1 big chicken breast
-An eighth of a white cabbage
-A quarter of a brown onion
-A handful of peanuts or cashew nuts
-Coriander leaves
-Vegetable oil
-Fish sauce
-Juice of 1 lemon


Boil the chicken in salted water.

Meanwhile, chop the cabbage very finely (with a mandolin is best), peel and chop the onion.

When the chicken is cooked and chilled, shred it and mix it with the cabbage and onion. Season to your taste with oil, lemon and fish sauce.

Crash the nuts and add them to the salad, finish with a few coriander leaves for the colour.

You can prepare this salad a few hours and even the day before, the cabbage will cook in lemon and fish sauce and it will be divine !!!

You can also check this recipe n our youtube channel : )))))

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