Coloured lattes are the new trend. They are pretty and very instagrammable.
The pumpkin spices in California for the Christmas holiday is very famous, the peppermint, the Irish crème…

I want to forget about the ready-made flavoured lattes, the powders, syrups with improbable flavours….

As you know me, I am a big proponent of the raw, the nude, the non-processed, the most natural possible, the real and homemade food, so :


Buy some actived charcoal powder that you’ll use as a digestive cleanser, a teeth whitener and will last for month.
Buy a beetroot that you will cook, buy some matcha tea and as I am sure you already have turmeric and ginger in your pantry… use them ! 🙂

That’s all you need to realize proper, cute, healthy 4 coloured lattes : a green one, a pink, a grey and a golden one.

Please check the video on our youtube channel for the proportion and method :

What you will need is just a ‘giraffe’ that is cheap and that you can use to make your soups too, and depends on your mood you choose the colour of your latte.


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