It’s something I do, always, every summer.

When those peaches are on the market stalls I cannot resist. I remember while working in the Luberon region 3 years ago for a family, some days, I was 2 times a day on the market, it was so beautiful.

I love markets and I went to a lot in France and abroad but this one in Gordes is on my top three, really.
Farmers fruits and vegetables are there in abundance, it looks like a rainbow, makes you want to eat salads, fresh fruits and listen to the cigadas, that’s it.

I remember this peach compote that I made for my clients, it’s one of the most simple thing I did in my career as a chef and I still remember it. It’s like everything, the fuss is not needed. We just need great ingredients to get dishes that taste like heaven.

This peach compote was made of white organic peaches and nothing more. No sugar, no water, no nothing.

I made those peaches for my clients and I wanted to share the recipe with you as it’s delicious, easy and fast to make.

Ingredients, serves 4

-4 white peaches
-50g / 1oz of ricotta cheese (can be replaces by mascarpone cheese)
-50g / 1oz of almonds

Wash and half you peaches, take off the stone and place them on a tray and in the oven at 180°C / 356°F for around 15min,  till the peaches are soft and start to wrinkle.

When they are cooked and soft, put some ricotta cheese on the middle, sprinkle woth honey and crushed almonds.

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