Clafoutis has always been one of my favourite, it reminds of my childhood, that smell in the kitchen, and the cherries that I love and that are so short in the season…

I make clafoutis with blueberries, peaches, I also have an exotic version of it : coco-mango which I love. I replace the milk with coconut milk, fresh mango, dessicated coconut on the top and it’s divine.

But the traditional one is with cherries, originally from the Limousin region, they leave the pits of the cherry to keep all the flavours and the juice of the fruits.

Baked in a buttered mould, dusted with icing sugar, clafoutis is betwwen the flan and the cake, a magic mix of both.

Here is the recipe of this perfect summer cake, soft, light, delicious and easy to make.


Clafoutis, serves 8

-600g of cherries washed
-40g of salted butter + 20g for the mould
-4 eggs
-20cl of milk
-200g of flour
-60g of sugar
-10g of vanilla sugar
-1 pinch of salt
-Icing sugar for dusting

For a mould of about 20cm diameter….

Melt the butter, meanwhile crack the eggs and whisk.

Add the milk, flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and butter. Mix well, butter your mould, preheat the oven at 180°C, place the cherry at the bottom of your mould, pour the mix and put it in the oven for around 15min/20min.

The clafoutis has to be firm on the edges and still a bit  wobbly in the middle.

Let it to cool down for a little while, dust it with the icing sugar and enjoy !




You can also watch this recipe on our youtube channel :))

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