We are working hard and fun on our next videos, I am now helped by some professionnal which is, as we say in French, :’le jour et la nuit’, ‘the day and night’, completely different !

Professionnal lighting and shooting, editing… more make- up on my face and more dynamic and quick recipes….

I will not necessary put the recipes (i mean the proportions) on my videos but more on my blog. It will be less work for me to get the same recipe and on my blog and on my channel each week, less work but better work.

Good things very often take time.

The first of this very long serie is something I do on regular basis for my clients and especially during the Christmas holiday period.

It’s an easy, fast and delicious appetizer.


-150g of cream cheese
-2 handful of dried cranberries
-2 handful of walnuts
-A few rocket leaves for decoration

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