Here is a chic starter, very Frenchy, very easy…. ‘Oeuf cocotte’

Its name originates from France and comes from the name in which it was baked.

The ‘cocotte’ evolved into a ramekin where you put different ingredients, crack an egg on the top and cook it at the ‘bain-marie’ (double boiled).

The English name is baked eggs or eggs cocotte 😉

The common point ? Bechamel sauce on both :))

You will just have to make the bechamel sauce which is really 3 ingredients and add what you have in the fridge to it.
Vegetables left overs, cooked meat, fish….

Today, I made two different versions, one with salmon and spinach and the other one with ham and parmesan cheese, left overs I had from a big event I cooked for in Cannes.

I did the quick version and put my ‘cocotte’ directly in the oven, no ‘bain marie’ and it works.

Ingredients, serves 2

For the bechamel :
-25g of flour
-25g of butter
-20cl of milk (normal or vegetal)

For the garnish :
-Half a slice of ham
-20g of parmesan cheese
-20g of smoked salmon
-2 handfull of spinach and rocket leaves if you have
-2 small garlic cloves

Preheat the oven at 180°C.

Melt the butter in a pot, meanwhile cook the spinach in another pot with the garlic diced.
When the butter is melted add the flour, stir and add the milk. On low heat let it to thicken for a few minutes.

When the bechamel sauce has the consistency of a custard, pour it into some ramekin or ‘cocotte’ with or without lid.
On the top of the bechamel add the ham and cheese in one ramekin and salmon and spinach (that have now recuced) in another.

Put them both in the oven for around 20min, depends on how you like you egg yolk (runny or not).

You just have to enjoy with some bread that you dip into them or with a fork, as simple as that 🙂


You can also check this recipe on our youtube channel :


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