Still in a plum mood, today’s recipe is the combination of taste, lightness, easy going tart 🙂

We were still in Cannes, in this beautiful pool kitchen, we are lucky enough to have a beautiful Indian summer so we take advantage of it, thankful, before heading inside to prepare Halloween, spiced latte, butternut squash gratin and soups…. and I can’t wait, but for now, let’s be present, enjoy the moment and appreciate those cute tartlets.

I am coming back from India, remember ? 🙂 Namaste ! xx

Ingredients, for 8 square/rectangle

– 1 filo pastry sheet
– 1 egg beaten
– 50g of ground almonds
– 25g of caster sugar
– 4 small plums halved, pitted and finely sliced
– 1 tsp of icing sugar
– Butter for greasing

Preheat the oven at 180°C.

Melt some butter in a pan. meanwhile cut the filo sheet in 8 equal rectangles.

With a brush, grease each layer of each rectangle with the melted butter. It takes a little while (actually it’s what takes most of the time in this recipe but it worth it).

Keep aside 1 tbsp of you egg beaten for glazing and the rest, mix it with the almond powder and sugar to obtain a paste.

Spread the paste on each rectangle, wash and slice your plums et place the equilvalent of around half a plum per rectangle.

Glaze the edges of yout tartlets with the egg kept on the side and a brush and bake for 25min.

Dust with icing sugar while still warm and just enjoy !!!

You can follow this recipe and our cooking adventures on our youtube channel too !!!!!

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