As everybody knows, I love soups.

I could have soups any time of the year, even in summer when it’s hot.
It’s actually what they do in very hot countries like some in Africa where they drink hot tea when it’s 45°C, when you, you just want to have a cold shower and a drink full of ice cubes.
I must have African origins.

We are entering Autumn and even though in Nice we have a beautiful Indian summer my craving for soups is growing, my love for Mexico, Mexican people and Mexican food is still there so I made this Mexcian soup with the basic ingredients that defines Mexican food : coriander, beans, chili, chicken…. It’s yummy and takes 5min to make.

Ingredients, serves 6.

-1 chicken breast shredded
-1 can of 400g of tomatoes diced
-1 brown onion
-1 tsp of cumin powder
-1 bunch of coriander
-1 cup of beans
-1 cup of sweet corn
-2 tbsp of tomato paste
-2 small chilies (mine are in a tin but fresh is great too)
-Salt, vegetable oil
-2 chicken cubes stock
-1 liter of water
-1 lime

Method :

Dice the onion, brown it with oil, meanwhile, bring the water to the boil, when boiling add the 2 cubes and let it simmer till the cubes have dissolved.
When the onion is ready, add the beans, sweet corn, tomato, tomato paste and stock to it and let it simmer for at least 15min, season to taste.

Serve with a splash of lemon and as much as coriander leaves you want.

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