Let’s talk about pineapple today.

I am very happy that I can do it, I’ve never really liked it till I tried the Victoria pineapple then said to myself ‘Marlène, my friend, you had never had pineapple before’.

Those I had before were acid, hard and not juicy at all.

This one (The Victoria) was small, cute, more orange on the outside as well as on the inside and the taste… the taste ! Nothing to do with the ones I ate my whole life.

As we are on a diet period, at least for me, with very little meat (as usual) a lot of greens (as usual) and no alcohol at all (not usual at all), we are going to keep our words and eat well and light.

For this recipe with pineapple you will need : a pineapple.

Is that all ? Yes, kind of. In fact, it depends on how your pineapple is. You really have to make sure that it’s very sweet.

I just sprinkled some sugar on the top of mine as it was not sweet enough for me. But you don’t have to, it’s really a question of taste. The sweeter your pineapple is, the less sugar you’ll add.

Peel the pineapple starting on cutting the extremities, when the pineapple is stable, start peeling it ‘a vif’ from the top to the bottom (see our video below), slice it very finely.

On a hot pan grill your pineapple and flip it over when it gets brown. If your fruit has enough juice, you can definitely make a caramel out of it. if not, add some water, maybe some granulated sugar (again, depends on your taste) till the pineapple is soft.

I love it soft. You can cook it less if you prefer it a bit crunchy.

You could (actually I did 😉 ) add a bit of butter while it’s cooking, for the taste, but again you don’t have to 😉

Let’s meet on youtube for the video of this recipe and Happy New year again !!!


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