I am back from Chicago, first time there and I loved it !

The city is lively and beautiful and the Christmas period is so beautiful in the US.

Decoration, lights everywhere give a more Christmassy touch that we sometimes can miss in France. Like if that wasn’t enough, it was, according to people there, not that cold.
Cold for me yes, but blue sky and sunshine too.

We had an event and I made some appetizers for 30 people in addition to make soups, salads, gratin for my lovely client for her not to have to cook for a few days.

Amongst the appetizers were : baked brie and cranberry sauce, salmon and beetroot cups, cocktail meat balls….

I wanted to give you one of my favourite that you can make all year long… perfect summertime when it’s served very fresh, perfect for the Christmas holidays as it’s very pretty, delicate and elegant.


Ingredients, serves 4

-2 salmon filets
-1/2 green apple (organic)
-A quarter of pomegranate
-Black pepper

Take the skin of the salmon off, dice the salmon quite small, do the same for the apple in very very little cubes and keep the skin on to keep all the vitamins and add some colour to your dish.
While preparing the rest, put your apple dices in a bowl with cold water and lemon to avoid oxidation.
Take off the seeds of the pomegranate, chop the chives very finely.

Mix the salmon with apple, pomegranate and chives, season with black pepper and lemon according to your taste.


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